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Experienced Soil Boring Contractor Serving Wilmington, DE

Also serving New York City NY, New Castle DE, Atlantic City NJ, Baltimore MD, and all surrounding areas.

Geotechnical drilling is vital to the design and construction of all buildings and structures. It is important to have qualified, licensed drillers; drillers that know the local geology. Uni-Tech’s drillers have been performing geotechnical drilling in the northeast for over 30 years! We perform soil borings in Philadelphia, PA, New York City, NY, New Castle, DE, Atlantic City, NJ, Baltimore, MD, and all their surrounding areas.
Geotechnical drilling services include:
• Split Spoon Sampling (SPT)
• Down the Hole Sampling
• Undisturbed Sampling (Shelby Tubes)
• Vane Sheer Testing
• Test Pits
• NQ, HQ & PQ Rock Coring
• Asphalt/Concrete Coring
• Low Clearance
• Hollow Stem Augers (4 ¼” to 12 ¼”)
• Mud Rotary (4” to 38”)
• Air Rotary (4” to 14”)
• Reverse Rotary (16” to 42”)
• and much more… call for additional services
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